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Bubble Fun

It starts off slow and builds up until predicting the chain of events is nearly impossible. The essence of Bubble Fun is to score as large a chain reaction as you can, creating an explosion of points.

Warthog Launch

Setup your grenades, position your warthog, and blow it into the sky, hopefully knocking out as many floating purple elephants, aka "engineers", as you can. This one's all fun, so don't worry about missing. Take all the shots you want.


Perhaps what the child of orthello and risk might be like, Proximity is a fun little strategy game. Best of all it doesn't take 3 hours to finish a game. Place your armies strategically to beat as many of the enemy as possible, gaining their armies.


A very old boardgame, originating from the far east, this game of tiles is simple to learn and difficult to master. Remove matching tiles from the board until you have removed them all or run out of options. You can only remove tiles on a given level which have at least one corner exposed.

Maganic Wars

Akin to Magic: The Gathering and other D&D style trading card games, Maganic Wars is a fun break from reality. Play the hand you're dealt and defeat as many opponents as you can, purchasing powerups along the way.

Tower Blaster

Get your tower blocks sorted faster than your opponent, taking turns, in order to move on to the next round. This takes some planning ahead and a little strategy. If your opponent gets their tower completed first, your tower gets blaster-ed.


A nicely done flash version of Chess, complete with shallow and deep mode. Nice in case your computer is too slow for deep mode, or you want an easier computer opponent.

Tactics Core

Tactics Core is the best Strategy game I've seen to date built in Flash (or any web accessible platform for that matter). Move your men around, and kill the enemies. Each character has different skills. If you enjoy this demo, you'll definitely want to have a go at the Tactics Arena Online (multiplayer version).


Play against the computer or challenge a friend, trying to obtain the needed number of points to end the game. Add a quark each turn, stratigically managing your colored quarks so they explode at the optimal time.

Plus Minus

An extremely well built game, Plus Minus is a german made strategy based board game. The object is to score more points than your opponent, and the game ends when the board is cleared or one player has nowhere left to move. The direction you can move is dictated by the last players move, and alternates between rows and columns each move.

Grid Logic

A simple mind puzzle, Grid Logic is all about clearing as many pieces as possible. Drag pieces with neighboring numbers on top of each other to clear the board. For example, drag 1 onto 2, or 3 onto 2, or 4 onto 5.

Maganic Wars Survival

A new take on the Maganic Wars game, MW Survival pits you against opponents over and over. Purchase bonuses after each round by using up some of your total score, and avoid dying as your hit points in each successive round start lower.

Dice Wars

It's you against the computer, on a risk like grid board. You must roll against other territories to take over their spots. For each spot you control before your turn starts you get another dice on a property. Control more area, get more dice, become more powerful. Rinse and repeat until you conquer the board.

Tower Defense

One of the most popular Warcraft 3 mini game spinoffs, Tower Defense pits you against an invading army following a defined path. Each level the army gets tougher, and you must upgrade your defenses to keep them from reaching your castle.

Desktop Tower Defense

Another version of the Warcraft 3 Tower Defense style games, this one is incredibly well built and offers a many more strategic options than it's predecessors. Keep the creeps from reaching your home base, by any means necessary.


Work your way through each level popping the required number of balloons to advance. You only have a limited amount of ammunition, so use it wisely.

Virus 2

Spread the infection by alternating colors and picking up same colored tiles. Keep your virus alive by infecting every hex in the allowed number of moves. Each level means less allowed moves, so pick your colors carefully.

Monster Master

Somewhat strategic, mostly luck driven card game with some interesting features. Attacks and defenses are rolled for each combat sequence, and certain creatures can be combined to form super creatures. This game also allows you to build a custom deck.

Ghengis Khan 2

A old KOEI game remade into flash, Ghengis Khan 2 sets you up for world dominance, if you can beat the legions that await. Fight your way from land to land, building your power and your army. As your horde gains experience, they become nearly unstoppable.

The Black Cat

Trap the black cat by cutting off it's exit points. For every blockade you place, the black cat gets to move one space - so think before you act!


Another creative WoW style tower defense game, the object is to combine gems to defend against the oncoming hordes. Combine your gems to make stronger towers, toss them for immediate carnage, and upgrade your skills along the way.

Potion Panic

Defend your laboratory against skeletons, giant worms, spiders, and witches using your potion making machine. Adjust the ingredients for potency and effect. The points you rack up blasting baddies can buy upgrades to your machine.

Temple Guardian 2

Defend your temple by constructing towers, barricades, and traps. Keep your trade routes profitable so you can afford to upgrade your buildings and gain access to better defenses. Hire heroes to fight and collect dropped loot.

Dice Mogul

A game somewhat similar to monopoly, the objective of Dice Mogul is to buy properties and charge rent to cause your opponents to go bankrupt. Build on the property to increase the rent. Roll the dice and take your chances!

Tentacle Wars

A dangerously addictive real-time strategy game, Tentacle Wars offers a fast paced mental challenge to be sure. The difficulty ramps up quickly, as you defend your cells and attempt to take over the board.