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Pingu Throw

The original of the now famous Yeti Sports flash game series, Pingu Throw is a classic in it's own right. Sweet and simple, hit the penguin as far as you can!

Orca Splash

The second release of the Yeti Sports saga, this is is almost as simple and just as addicting. This time you're standing on a iceberg hurling snowballs at those poor penguins, knocking them into a target.

Seal Bounce

Another great release in the Yeti Sports series, Seal Bounce incorporates the fun of a seal with the terrifying excitement of a Yeti. Just pick 'em up and see how high you can throw him. Pingu's tough, he can take it.

Canyon Glider

Try your hand at glider flying through a canyon course, and try to score as many points as you can. Don't dive too quickly or you'll be eating dirt, and watch out for the hawks!

Toon Marooned

Choose your toon and make it as far as you can firing rocks to sink your opponents rafts in the Toon Lagoon. Sink all his rafts before he can sink yours and move on to the next round! Watch out for speed rounds in Toon Marooned.

Nanaca Crash

Somewhat like the hacked pingu penguin batting game that contains landmines, Nanaca Crash is all about getting a good initial blast and keeping the momentum with subsequent blasts. Press once to aim, and once again to launch with the power meter.

Knugg Rally

Knugg Rally is a fun, well built little racing game with nice graphics and good controls. While there's not a whole lot to the game, the simplicity fits it well. Race around a track in overhead view (reminiscent of Nintendo's Super Off Road or R.C. Pro AM), and pick up power-ups as you go.

Cliff Diver

Ever felt like taking a dive off a cliff? Me either. But now you can jump off a cliff from the safety of your computer chair. Dive off the cliff and avoid birds and birds nests on the way down.

Moto X

Moto X is quite the awesome dirt bike stunt game. Run through three courses, each more difficult than the last. Grab the bike powerups while performing excellent stunts. Make 5000 points to unlock the semi-pro track, and 10,000 to unlock the pro track.

BMX Park

This is a rather impressive freestyle bmx course, with four basic tricks as well as the ability to ride rails, do airbourne spins, and put tricks together. Amass as many points as possible in 60 seconds, and try not to crash land too much!


A fun little racing game, Wheelers gives an overhead track view while you race motorbikes around several well built (and relatively difficult) tracks. Stay on the track and avoid bumping other motorbikes or you'll lose alot of speed.

Mini Putt III

A well built mini golf game, Mini Putt 3 offers some fun and challenging holes meanwhile leaving the putting simplistic and uninhibited. Click to drop your ball, use the mouse to set your aim and desired power, and click to swing.

Net Blazer

A little three point shooter game, Net Blazer pits you against the clock to make as many baskets as you can from various positions on the three point line. Hit your horizontal and vertical properly and you're in the money.

Finger Football

Just like elementary school. Well, the blockers looked more like your friends fingers, but you get the idea. Fire footballs into the goal, evading and knocking down the oncoming blockers. Don't let them get too close or it's game over.

Base Jumping

See how quickly you can get to the ground, without becoming a pancake. Launch your parachute at just the right moment to glide gently to safety. Launch too early though, and other jumpers will beat you to the ground.

Cash Sprint

Cash Sprint is a track racing game, with new tracks added often on their website. Work your way around the track as fast as possible, and the fastest times get paid real cash (on the cash sprint website).

Shooting Target

Simply blast the target as well as possible. Hit the space bar to fire, and let up to release. The longer you hold the space bar, the worse your shot gets. See how many bullseyes you can get before time runs out.

10 Second Challenge

See how far you can get the golf ball in 10 seconds. Aim for good swings, and don't hit the grass for maximum distance. It takes some practice to get 2 or 3 good shots in a row.

Captain Chaos

Guide your sailboat around the course, avoiding the obstacles and beating your opponent. Watch out for giant squid, whales, sharks, submarines, and more.

Capture The Flag

Just like the game you probably remember from your childhood, the objective is to get the other teams flag, and return it to your base without being caught. Except, in this instance you get shot with arrows. So watch out!

Diesel and Death

A race to the finish, or to the death, between these two hotrod bikers. Pick up bonuses and fly through the stages as fast as possible, using weapons when possible to destroy your opponent. So, who's gonna win? Diesel .. or Death?

Dwarf on a Wharf

Catapult each dwarf off the wharf and onto the boat heading out to sea. Get all the dwarves on the boat and you advance a stage. Dwarves can bounce off the seagulls for extra distance. Each consecutive successful catapult earns you increasing bonus points.


Learn how to play golf like Tiger Woods. That is, if Tiger Woods was a blue elephant. Test your mouse golf club skills in this wacky miniature golf course.

Dolphin Olympics 2

A game about dolphins. More specifically, dolphins that can jump really, really high - over the moon high. Chain together your tricks to get your Olympic dolphin increasingly higher and higher into the atmosphere. Aim for the bonus circles for an even bigger boost.

Wake Boarding XS

Test your skills against this wake boarding course, and see how many tricks you can pull. Avoid buoys and other obstacles while hitting the ramps and rail slides, and catching major air.

Cyclomaniacs 2

Pedal your way to victory in Cyclomaniacs 2, a cycling game involving (what else) zombies, Elvis impersonators, and a nude dude, among others. Aside from being a cycling game, there are several fun mini-games built in, as well as skills to upgrade as you progress through the map to new levels.


Dodge pumpkins and ghosts in this Halloween themed driving game. Pick up the glowing green icons for currency to spend in the shop on car your Halloween Wheels upgrades. Hit too many ghosts and it's game over.

Alpine Axeman

A retro style skiing game, Alpine Axeman sets you up as a Nord that Boards, slicing the slopes with your trusty axe and apparently no shirt. See how long you can dodge obstacles and score points by hitting the jumps.

World Boxing Tournament 2

A simple key masher, nothing spells fun like punching your opponents into bloody pixels. Move with ASD and punch with BNM keys.