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Stick RPG

With stick figures and creativity sometimes comes mediocre graphics, but that doesn't slow this game down one bit. It never was finished according to the author, and apparently never will be, but it's still a great little game to occupy some time.

Crimson Room

Somewhat of an internet sensation, Crimson Room was one of the first and most interesting 'escape' type games. All you have to do is figure out how to get out of the room. Sounds pretty simple, but it takes a while to figure things out.

The Negotiator

As far as choose your storyline games go, this one is really well done. Written by a couple guys who teach negotiation strategies, it's a realistic "ask your boss for a raise" simulation, the choices are not always obvious, and it's very fun to play. Can you get the raise in less than 4 tries?


Help Slacky prepare for his interview by gathering items, combining them, and using them to get Slacky fed and cleaned up. You also need to get Slacky's application finished up.

Age of Castles

Defend your castle against the undead hordes, grow your population, build stronger walls, and keep commerce alive to support your endeavours. Use magic crystals to bolster your aims, while you cleanse the land from evil.

Slacker 2

The sequel to Slacker, again the Slacker must fight for his job by retrieving a stolen vending machine. Run around town tracking down leads and acquiring items necessary to eventually find the missing snack machine, so you can prove yourself and get the Deli-mart job.

Athalina RPG

Reminiscent of a Final Fantasy type RPG, you have the opportunity to venture out acquiring quests to solve, battling monsters to gain experience and raise your level, and fight bosses, opening up new areas.

Falafel King

Think you've got what it takes to make Pitas for the masses. Put your skills to the test serving up Falafel filled meals, with all the toppings. Watch out for flies, and don't make your customers wait too long or it's permanent vacation time for you!

Telepath RPG

Build your telepath, and take on the Shadowlings and try to rescue your brother in this well constructed RPG. Avoid running out of health or money, and you might just make it back in one piece.

Swords and Sandals 2

Fight as a gladiator in the arena, to win your freedom. Duel to gain experience and gold. Upgrade your weapons, armour, and magic. Buy potions at the church to aid you in battle. When you're ready, enter the tournaments for glory and freedom!


The only complaint I have about this game is that it isn't longer. The graphics are superb, the gameplay is great, the skill tree is well thought out, and everything works! Sonny is not one to miss out on playing, if you're an RPG fan!

Fantasy XF II

Step into a strange world concocted from the pixel art of games past. Pulling from old Nintendo games and famous movies, the loose storyline concocts a fun RPG adventure. The game consists mainly of exploring various mini maps, killing things, breaking vases for coins, and upgrading your equipment.


A zombie horde is at your doorstep, you living in the post apocalypse. Rebuild is a turn based strategy game. Reclaim city blocks, recruit survivors, find food, and research new technologies. Oh, and avoid being eaten.

The Two Towers MUD

The Two Towers MUD has long existed as a free, text-based multiplayer online RPG set entirely within Tolkien's world of Middle-earth at the time of 'Lord of the Rings', and now can be played through Flash.