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Monster Hatch

The objective is to get all the monsters hatched at once. Sounds pretty simple, but monsters next to the monster you're hatching will either hatch or unhatch depending on whether they've been hatched.


Gridlock is a great game for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle. You've got to rearrange blocks to get your blue block from one end of a square to the exit. Sounds easy, the catch is blocks can only move vertically, hence the name Gridlock. Give it a shot, you'll see how easy it isn't. This game is based on Rush Hour, from Binary Arts.


Try your luck against increasingly difficult levels of a connect the dots style puzzler. The aim of the game is to connect all the squares, and the catch is you can only connect on diagonal, vertical, and horizontal lines, and you can only connect each square once.


A classic board game brought back to life through the wonders of flash, Mastermind is a great game for those who enjoy a mental challenge. Click a colored tile and click one of the four available spaces to drop it in. Once you've filled the bottom row it'll give you some hints about which ones are correct. Can you break the code before you run out of rows?

Road Blocks

Your mission is to use the roadblocks and various other objects setup to guide your ball into the red goal. Much like gridlock, sometimes you'll see the level solution almost instantly and other times you'll spend 10 minutes staring at the puzzle thinking there can't be a solution.

Zoo Keeper

A well built variation of the classic Diamond Mine style matching game, Zoo Keeper brings a fun look and feel to the game with animated zoo animals. The game concept is simple, just swap animal tiles to make 3 of a kind in a row vertically or horizontally.


Rotation's name pretty much spells out this game: rotate the small hexagons within the large grid to create the pattern shown in each level. Run out of moves and you lose, so think through your moves. The cute monsters give it a Dr. Mario feel.


This beautifully built word game challenges you to break down the choices in 5 guesses or less and figure out the correct word. With two difficulty levels and a large dictionary of words, Solingo can keep you guessing for days.


A flash remake of the classic boardgame RSVP, your mission is to seat everyone at the banquet next to people whose company they can enjoy, represented by colors. Don't mismatch any couples or the guests will take their ball and go home.

Meet the Schoolgirl

Work your way through the maze by moving blocks around to get from the school to meet your school girl friend. Don't be late and you might just get a love letter.

Oida Cube

If you had any kind of childhood, you've seen one of these. Turn the cube to get one solid color on each side of the cube.

Word Search

Word Search is a simple, nicely done version of the popular "busy work" assignment teachers hand out from time to time. It will generate a random word search with your choice of 6 sets of words. Click at the beginning of a word to start highlighting and drag to the end of that word.


A fun game based on chemistry? Impossible! Well, the chemistry knowledge needed to play is minimal. Simply click on the nucleus when your electrons are lined up to transfer the proton. Get to the center to advance a level.


A game that looks like a mix of tetris and lego blocks, Stackopolis is a rather unique take on the genre. The objective is to take the blocks given to you and restack them in the arrangement given before time expires. There is apparently a full version of this game coming out soon.


One of the most creative and bizarre puzzle games I've ever seen, Hapland pits you (a few stick men) and your wits against getting a giant machine to begin working. Light all three torches and the machine will open.

Hapland 2

The second in an amazingly creative and enjoyable series, Hapland 2 features the same mousetrap style puzzle gameplay. The main goal being to light the torches which will power the portal, click everything that's clickable. A few things require some expert timing.


The objective of Xraye is to flip your wrench around using the arrow keys and light up all the points. You can bypass a dot by holding the control key, and freefall pressing space. The freefall is tricky, and most levels don't require it to finish.


Znax is a simple puzzle game, the objective being to remove as many blocks as possible before the timer runs out. To do this, make rectangles by clicking four corners, all of the same color. Bigger rectangles give you more points.

Bear and Cat

Nearly identical to a popular game called Zuma, Bear & Cat involves a bear in a little submarine that has to shoot balls at incoming balls, exploding pairs of 3 or more. If the balls get into the submarine, it's game over. Shoot multiple groups for bonus points.


A fun physics based game, the objective is to figure out how to make a drop that will get the ball in the cup. Magnets and other pieces with affecting forces will push and pull the ball around. Figure out the correct method.

Chinese Checkers

Most of us have seen Chinese Checkers, in a waiting room lobby or on someone's game room shelf. The objective is to jump over pieces with other pieces. Whenever you jump over a piece it gets eliminated. Try to finish with as few pieces as possible.

Puzzle Land

Much like Hapland and other mousetrap style games, Puzzle Land is all about figuring out what to do to safely get your man through to the next stage. Each stage is increasingly complicated, with a fun finish if you make it through all the levels.

Dinky Smash

Your basic brick breaking game, Dinky Smash adds some fun with colorful pieces and little extras like missles and bombs for breaking multiple sets of bricks at once. Get at least 3 matching faces touching and they'll explode. Clear all the faces to advance a level.

Nesquik Quest

Clear a path for the Nesquik bunny to make his way to the end of the obstacle course before he runs into trouble. Click on objects to reposition them. Some objects require dragging to a different place.


Q is a simple and challenging set of puzzles. Move your pieces around the board until you get each piece into it's like colored slot.


A fun puzzle game, the object of Ballz is simply to swap your various sports balls around to make lumps of 3 or more of the same ball touching each other. When this happens the balls disappear, giving you points and extra time on the game clock.

Ball Bounce

Simply aim your ball with the mouse, using the up and down arrows to control your launching point. Get through each level by bouncing off the black squares and avoiding the gray squares. Hit the right hand wall to advance to the next level.

Animal Bridge

A simple game, the objective is to build a bridge as quickly as possible to allow your monkey to get the coconuts. Don't be too hasty though, you've got a limited number of pieces to work with. Place your bridge carefully.


Make groups of four or more like colored blocks to break them. Break enough blocks to advance to the next level. Don't run out of room. Dynamite can be used to clear an entire column of bricks at once.

Cyber Box

Work your way out of each maze, moving the different blocks in the directions they're willing to go. Think ahead to avoid blocking off an exit you will need later.

Brain Drop

Use your brain to work through each puzzle, dropping the yellow ball through to the bottom without losing the grey balls in the process.


Connect the pipes in any fashion so they complete a circuit. This will make the pipes disappear, giving you more room for new pipes to emerge. Don't run out of space, or it's game over.

Warp Machine

Lots of entertainment in this stage by stage puzzle solving game. Navigate yourself through the level, using the bonuses from special trees and chests to keep you alive. Collect all the keys to activate the portal and warp to the next level.


Requiring some puzzle solving skill and some steady mouse-to-hand movements, Capsules keeps it simple but challenging. Move your capsules simultaneously around the board without hitting walls, running over the good capsules and avoiding the bad ones.

Parking Zone

Who knew parking could be such a mental workout. Get all your cars parked in the appropriate matching color zones using a few moves as possible. Less moves mean more points.

Draw Play

A bit raw, but totally unique, the object of this game is to draw your own exit to a level and then maneuver your man through the obstacles to get him out. Very open ended, any way you can get your man to the exit is acceptable.


Build paths through each levels obstacles, and start the ball moving. You will have to swivel and maneuver each obstacle on an axis while the ball is following the path you set for it, in order to complete the level.


Brilliantly simple, the idea here is to expand your blocks one at a time until all the blocks are connected to each other. You cannot expand the same block twice, and once a block touches another block neither can be expanded any further.


A beautiful, simple puzzle game, the objective of Kermix is to collect all the items of each level, and get each red square into the appropriate red square holder - which happen to be light green squares. You gain points for speed and fewer moves.

Where on Earth

Test your knowledge of landmark architecture around the world. Stick a pin in the world map to place the landmark building specified as close as you can to the actual location. How well do you know your geography?


Turn the tiles to connect every loose end on this increasingly large and complicated puzzle game.


Stack rings from largest to smallest, in the 6 available slots. If a slot is filled up, you've got to move the rings around to empty it or situate it so the new ring can be placed there before your timer runs out, or it's game over.


A crafty puzzle game, the objective is to move the ball to the goal, ideally collecting the star along the way. Do this by slicing the sections of wood and rope, utilizing gravity to do the rest. Sounds simple, but it gets difficult fast.


If you're old enough to remember Tangrams, Matter is a beautiful online reproduction. Look at the solid shape displayed, and organize your individual pieces accordingly to match the shape. Finish each challenge quickly and earn bonus points.

Rethinking Schools

Expand your brain and test your geographical knowledge of the Middle East. Can you place all the countries correctly in 2 minutes? This simple map game puts many of the current political and cultural happenings on television into geographical context very nicely.

Ricochet Kills 2

Kill all the mobsters in each level with as few shots as you can manage. Shots ricochet off walls and barrels, and will cause boxes to fall, barrels to roll, and red barrels to explode.

Last Survivor

A quick, simple set of escape puzzles. As the Last Survivor of something or other, you are a rectangle able to move blocks with your mind. Move the blocks in each stage to allow you to access the exit, without getting hit by any lasers.

Light in Village

Your challenge is to restore lighting to all the houses. After a strange electrical storm, lights react to other lights in nearby houses. Solve each stage by puzzling together how to get all the lights on at the same time.

7 Moves

Move exactly 7 times to complete each level of this puzzle adventure. Work your way around barriers and take into consideration the bonus and penalty movement squares before you begin.

Precision Strike

Use your mouse to accurately hurl grenades into your enemies position, and eliminate all the threats. It doesn't get much simpler, but with a couple dozen levels this will occupy your day for a while.

Clayzy Platforms

Plenty to entertain, make your way through the clay animation levels one by one and see how far you can get. Work out the invisible platforms and the timing on the others to get through each stage.

Skeleton Transplant

Skeletal system is very important for human biology. The skeleton system provides the framework which supports the body and maintains its shape. See if you can place all the bones properly before time runs out.