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D Fence

A creative twist on the hold your ground style game, this one is easy to play and very entertaining. Kill all the invading troops by clicking them to death, and upgrade your compound to keep up with massing armies.

Defend Your Castle

Well, basically you do what it says: defend your castle. Grab little stick invaders and drop them from the sky. Kill em all, see how long you can survive!


Like a carnival game of Pool, the object is simply to aim your white ball and hit the looser. Sounds easier than it is, because he'll see you coming and move accordingly. Play quick or play smart, but don't miss 10 times in a row.

Sheep Game

Couldn't be a simpler premise. Use your mouse, which apparently sheep are scared of, and herd as many as possible into the little box. Sounds pretty easy, right? Try getting them all in.


Like a 3D version of Pong, Curveball is not only addicting but really well done. There's not much to this one, just try to stay alive as long as possible to rack up a huge score. Accuracy and curve bonuses really add up over time.

Squares 2

A brilliantly designed game of increasing difficulty. See how long you can last before your square gets too bloated and the blocks get moving too fast. Reminiscent of a fishy with both horizontal and vertical challenge. Very innovative game.


This very simple, very addicting, and sometimes very aggrivating little flash game is one of the best I've seen in quite a while. Eskiv has a brilliant natural difficulty factor. As you collect more squares to increase your score, you also create more obstacles for yourself.

Wall Ball

An interesting hybrid of Curveball and Breakout, Wall Ball is a solidly entertaining game. The objective is simply to hit every square area on the wall. Hitting certain areas that turn different colors twice will result in game modifications.

Catch Thirty Three

A brilliantly simple game of catching 33 scrambling numbers. Move your mouse over each number as fast as you can to eliminate all 33 in order. It's not as easy as it looks.


A brilliantly simply diversion, Hamster Race (Hamure-su) is a great little time-waster. Click and hold your mouse button to turn the hamster left. Let go and he will run straight. Run into a wall and you lose.

Jukebox Hero

Jukebox Hero is basically a themed version of Plinko, which might ring a bell for those of you who've watched The Price is Right. Unfortunately in this version, you do not win a car and Bob Barker doesn't announce what's happening.

Octopus Balls

If you can't handle the Octopus Balls, get out of the kitchen. See if you can become a Takoyaki Master cooking up as many Octopus Balls as you can in 3 minutes.


Stack carefully using the arrow keys, and try to make a ladder of people up to the helicopter. Don't stack too high, or your men will get cut by the helicopter blade and fall, and watch out for wall. Careful, it's windy!

Cell Out

Bounce your cell destroying ball around to remove all the bad cells, while avoiding as many good cells as possible. Destroy all the bad cells to advance a level. Run out of time or destroy all the good cells and it's game over.

Suicide Bob

Can't take it anymore? Well, here'a a practice simulator for taking that final plunge. Don't get caught by the fireman or you're off to jail! Note: This simulator has been tested on Joe's and Norman's, and found to be fully compatible. May not work on Sally's or Rachel's.

Daring Dozen

A simple clicking game, the objective is to pop your egg upwards into the above baskets. Timing is essential, as most of the baskets are moving and you only get 12 eggs. Can you make it to the top?

Airplane Lander

The concept is simple: circle the runway and land the plane on the little landing strip. Successfully landing the plane on the strip, much less landing it well, is an entirely different story. If you can get a 8 or better, consider yourself a pro.

Thin Squares

A cool adaptation of Gavin Shapiro's Squares, Thin Squares is much like the original, however it comes with levels, and more/different bonuses. Grab the squares of your color, while avoiding the others.

Playing with fire

Playing with fire is a well remade clone of the nintendo classic, Bomberman. Your mission is to simply go around planting bombs, in an attempt to blow up your opponents without blowing up yourself. Make sure to collect the power-ups as you go.

Bus Rampage

Games don't get much simpler, yet this one manages to entertain for quite a while, considering the entire premise of the game is to run everybody over. Think of it as a miniature Grand Theft Auto you can play at work.

Meta Physik

Ball II: Revamped (Metaphysik) is about as basic as physics games get. The ball slowly falls due to emulated gravity. Use the arrow keys to control the ball and guide it into the warp square on each level, while avoiding the obstacles.

Drive and Dodge

Drive and Dodge is reminiscent of the 2-bit arcade driving games (if you're old enough to remember them). Weave in and out, dodging the other car(s) on the track, while collecting all the flags.

Babycal Throw

Babycal Throw is all about timing. Throw the bags off the backs of your Brosok Maljutki by clicking on them. Hitting other Brosok Maljutki with those bags will net you points. Double hits and multiple hits on the same Brosok Maljutki gives you bonus points and extra Brosok Maljutki.

Ball Trap

Use the movable hole in the wall to get all the blue balls on the blue side, and all the red balls on the red side. It sounds simple enough, and Ball trap is a simple game, but simple doesn't mean easy.

Chain Reaction

Basically what the title says, the objective is to simply create the biggest chain reaction you can manage. As simple as it is, Chain Reaction managed to waste a lot of my time.

Home Drunk Run

Home Drunk Run is a fun little tightrope walking game. The only objective is to stay on your feet as long as possible, which gets more difficult the further you go. Move the mouse left and right to counter balance your drunken vision.

Xtreme Pinball

Xtreme Pinball is a basic game with the normal bells and whistles, along with a skateboarding theme and a mineshaft (not sure how those two relate). Use the paddles to keep your ball up.


Just like the title says, this game is all about balance. Hook the items that drop onto the appropriate hangers and get them to balance above the waterline for long enough that the timer completes and drops the next item. It gets tricky, see how far you can get.


A 3d version of keep-ups, Poom offers a partially built platform that changes on every bounce. Avoid obstacles and bounce your ball onto bonus squares when possible, but keep it up at all costs.


A creative abstract, the objective of windmills is simply to generate enough wind to power the town. The trick is not to blow over the citizens in the process, and not to overload a windmill with more wind than it can handle.

Super Fruit Combo

A fruity mix of Dr. Mario and Tetris, Super Fruit Combo features 6 fruits in classic match the objects fashion. Get four or more of one fruit type touching and they disappear. Bust three fruits on either fruit "team" without busting ones on the other "team" and you advance a level.

Mario Overrun

Like the other castle defense games, Mario Overrun is themed with Mario Bros. characters. Lots of weapon upgrades and fast action, defend your castle from the incoming hordes.

Kill Time

Fun little time waster. Just keep the mouse pointer away from the little guy or anything he shoots and throws at it. Tougher than it sounds.

Arcade Lines

Combine 5 like colors in this puzzle grid to clear the pieces and score points. Arcade Lines requires some thinking and offers challenging gameplay by crowding your game grid each time you move. Make smart moves and use the special pieces to keep your board clean as long as possible.

Busy Burger

See how you measure up to the fast food world. Keep up with customer orders, and don't get things mixed up too much or your job will be on the cutting block next to the chicken.

Invisible Cursor

About as simple as it gets, the object of Invisible Cursor is to see how well you can track the movement of your mouse without seeing the cursor. Try to make it through the increasingly difficult levels without hitting a wall or obsticle.

Mini Cubes

Simply click on cubes to destroy them. There needs to be at least 2 cubes of the same color touching each other to be able to destroy them. See if you can destroy them all before you run out of options.

City Jumper

You're the man with no fear, leaping over buildings at a whim. Use long jumps and short jumps to avoid the obstacles, including the giant bum with shopping cart. Run into seagulls for bonus men.

Ploop Adventures

March your Ploop around collecting the rare stones and activating the circle pads that allow you to advance to the next level. Watch out for the snakes, spikes, spears, cactus, windmills, and other traps setup in the various labyrinth mazes.

Cool Shirts

A game promoting wearing cooler clothing in the workplace to save on energy costs, the entire basis of this game is clicking the people in the white shirts, who are apparently contributing to air conditioning energy savings.

Balls N Walls

Fire balls out of your basket over the wall at your opponent. Miss a catch, you lose a platform. Lose all your platforms and you're finished. Fire balls strategically to wear down your opponents platforms until there are no more.

Traps Mines and a Sheep

A brilliant adaptation of the pingu style game, Traps, Mines, and a Sheep adds more interaction and control to the fate of your Sheep. Set off traps to prevent your sheep from getting trapped, while leaving the mines to keep your sheep speeding along.

Gun Run

Simple as the name indicates, make your way over the terrain blasting enemies along the way until they finally become too much to handle. Don't miss the powerups and extra lives.

High Wheels

An addictive and creative, yet extremely simple game, the object of High Wheels is simply to collect as many dots as you can with your wheel, using the gear wheels to climb higher. Space bar jumps you, and left/right arrows move you when you're on the ground.

Chaos Theory

Simple and entertaining, the objective is to start a chain of explosions that will detonate as many particles as possible. Your explosions only last a second, so aim carefully and wait for the right moment to start the chain reaction.

Air Support

A brilliant little time waster, the objective of Air Support is simple and increasingly difficult. You are the target of bombs falling out of the sky. The goal of this game is to get the bombs to fall on the obstacles, without getting hit by either.

Holy Cow

So, you're a Cow trying to get into Heaven. You've got to be a Holy Cow, bestowing blessings unto depressed persons before they commit suicide. Just watch out, let the wrong blessings get to the wrong people and you'll never see beyond the pearly gates.


A tarzan like game based on swinging, your mission is to simply swing as far as possible using your robotic hook. As you get further into the game and level up, the ceiling areas to swing from get shorter and shorter.

Playing with fire 2

An updated and expanded version of the original Bomberman clone, Playing with fire 2 offers different boards to play on and smarter AI opponents. Avoid getting hit with bombs while picking up the bonus items.

Cube Field

Simply use the arrow keys to navigate around the field of cubes. Go for as long as you can, it gets much faster and more difficult as the game progresses.


Use your mouse to draw boxes and destroy your enemies as they creep towards the eye. If an enemy reaches the eye, it takes damage. Grab powerups in the same manner you destroy attackers.

Wheelchair Challenge

Fly around the Emergency Room delivering patients to their appointed locations in a timely fashion. Don't let your patients get too banged up along the way, and avoid running over nurses and doctors in the process.

Four Second Fury

A very unusual, yet entertaining game, the objective of four second fury is simply to beat each mini-game you're presented with in less than 4 seconds. Some simply require surviving, while others have an objective. See if you can make it far enough to face the boss.

Defend The Brewery

Defend your brewery against the evil Hymenoptera aliens, who dislike alcohol with a passion. Block their snowball attacks, keeping the factory in shape and protecting your beer supply lines.

Ninja Game

Amazingly responsive gameplay, Ninja Game offers realistic physics applied to an entertaining collect all the dots on each level game. Grab all the dots and open the door to proceed to the next board.

Super Kentucky Space Battles

A blast from the past, check out this retro styled game. Fly around blasting chickens and cows out of the farm fields, or go head to head with another pixelated pilot.

African Detroit Cop

Ever wanted to be Eddie Murphy in any of his classic roles as Beverly Hills Cop I, II, or III? Here's your chance! Stop the bad guys, help the downtrodden, and shoot some stuff while dancing to Eddie's classic hits.

AIM vs MSN 2

Choose your IM fighter, MSN or AOL. Wail mercilessly on your opponent. Rinse and repeat. Watch out for SPAM and SPYWARE!

Arrow Tag

Simply a game of mouse skill and speed. Hit every bubble with the mouse before time runs out. Pick up bonus clocks by mousing over them. Click the skulls to blow them up. Avoid the bombs, and stick the mouse pointers in the appropriate bin.

Camera Mind 2

A simple objective, just click the circle that has most recently appeared in each level. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Wait til you get 20 circles or so.


Simple and entertaining, this swiss gem of a game puts you on a quest to get to the ticket counter and get into the game. The only trouble is you're wedged in like sardines and the ticket queue is very unforgiving. Miss a step and you'll be eating pavement.

Double Wires

Surprisingly fun and addictive, this rag doll spider man game is endless entertainment. Use your spider ropes to swing from the abstract background pieces available. See how far you can make it before you hit the skids.


Cute and colorful, the object of Totem is simply to move your mouse over as many of the totem heads as you can. If you snag enough of them you get to head to the next level. There's no learning curve in this game, just fast paced totem heads comin at cha!

Tangerine Panic

Don't let your stick man get hit by the tangerines. Boy there sure are alot of tangerines. See how long you can stay alive against this waterfall of tangerines.

Gamma Bros

Play one of the Gamma Bros in this wonderful scrolling space adventure. Blast space monsters with a four-directional cannon while avoiding asteriods and grabbing powerups. Collect coins to get the powerup train to come by and sell you new guns.

Bubble Tanks

Immerse yourself in this crazy world of bubble hopping. Go from one tiny bubble world to the next, growing yourself and blasting the opposition. More bubbles mean more upgrades to your bubble ship.


A trippy space shooter with retro graphics, Retron will make your head spin. Blast away at the incoming bad guys keeping a path clear for your ship. Don't miss too many upgrades, or your ship is likely to asplode!


A brain teaser to the end, the objective of Dicemos is to get all your dice placed on the board. You can only place dice adjacent to other dice with the same bordering colours, and you have a limited selection to choose from, not to mention board space runs out.

Map Test

Test your geography smarts on the continental United States. Can you properly place all the states before time runs out? I remember doing this in elementary school.


Use the mouse to keep the platform balanced on the stick. The stick gets shorter as time passes and your skill level increases. Games don't get much simpler or much more addictive as this one. How strong are your mouse motor skills?


Entertaining and slightly trippy, this physics based game features a dozen levels and a few bonus levels to navigate. Move, bounce, levitate, and finesse your ball around obstacles, avoiding the spikes and the pit of evil red glow below you!

Death By Hinge

Like the pingu batting game and several of its successors, death by hinge gives you a chance to take out your aggression on a stick figure by swatting him with a giant metal hinge. Smack him good!

Ice Castle Blaster

Use your catapult to blast away at the ice castle until it's nothing but ice cubes. Keep enough guards to dispatch would-be attackers, while adding to your reserve of ice blasting cannon balls. Don't run out or its game over!

Brain Follow

Chase the monster, and make sure you follow the same path he does or you're toast. Avoid the evil tree stumps, and various assortment of random bad guys. Step off the path and you're history.

Onslaught 2

An extensive tower defense game, Onslaught 2 allows towers to combine and link up in many different ways, to produce some really cool special attacks. Upgrade your towers speed and rate, and build special towers to amplify your damage and range.


See how well you can line up the center point by simply eyeballing it. Give it your best guess, and see how far off your viewpoint is from reality.

Zombie Trailer Park

A defender style game pits you, a bunch of hillbillies, against the zombie hordes. Defend your trailer park with wicked shovel carrying rednecks, while upgrading to shotgun toting farmers, survivalists, and more!

Desert Moon

Defend your spaceship from oncoming hordes of desert dwellers by positioning crew members with various weapons. Adjust your positions and weapons for each new wave to survive increasingly large and dangerous monsters.

Shopping Cart Hero

Ride your shopping cart into the record books, blasting off into the atmosphere along with all the groupies you can carry. Jump in the cart and lift off at the right moment, and get yourself a righteous ride!

Effing Hail

Curse the skies, Effing Hail brings you great trance music and a chance to play God with the weather. Use your air stream to motivate snowballs high into the atmosphere, causing them to grow to enormous proportions before plumetting down onto the planes, villagers, and buildings below.

Fortress Magnus

Drive your floating fortress, blasting away as endless hordes of enemies march towards you. Fortress Magnus is an interesting take on tower defense, allowing you freedom of movement and playing more like an arcade game, complete with upgrades and falling from the sky princesses to save.

Nanowar 2

Fight off invading cells in Nano War 2, taking over or neutralizing all the cells on the map. Each cell produces Nano units, which can be sent out to conquer other cells or left home to protect the cell from invasion. Check out the labratory for upgrades and buffs.

Golf Solitaire First Love

Golf Solitaire has three different modes to play through, for hours of entertainment. Play strict aces low or the other available variations. Stack cards from Ace to King to deplete the deck in order to win.

Save a Mole

The reverse of your standard whack-a-mole game, the objective here is to keep your moles out of their holes as long as you can, while avoiding the hammers. More moles, more points!