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Tic Tac Toe

Who hasn't heard of Tic Tac Toe. Unless you're viewing from beyond the grave, this one needs no explanation. If you are, please leave - it's creeping me out.


Tetris is a gaming legacy none so far have managed to match. The greatness of Tetris lies in it's ability to be a fun, challenging game you can play for a few minutes or a few hours, and it has a LONG shelf life. Originally developed by Alexey Pajitnov and Nintendo, Inc.


Gridlock is a great game for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle. You've got to rearrange blocks to get your blue block from one end of a square to the exit. Sounds easy, the catch is blocks can only move vertically, hence the name Gridlock. Give it a shot, you'll see how easy it isn't. This game is based on Rush Hour, from Binary Arts.

Pac Man

PacMan, ring any bells? Little yellow circle that eats dots and gets chased by ghosts? Yep, it's back in browser form. One of the great games of the 80's. This game was originally developed by Namco.


Another great snake clone, this one rather old timey looking, but still plays great and looks sharp. Another nice release!

Space Invaders

Space invaders is one of THE classic arcade games of the 80's, and no classic gaming section would be complete without it. Originally pioneered by Taito Corp., this game has plenty of clones and remakes.

Sheep Game

Couldn't be a simpler premise. Use your mouse, which apparently sheep are scared of, and herd as many as possible into the little box. Sounds pretty easy, right? Try getting them all in.


Like a 3D version of Pong, Curveball is not only addicting but really well done. There's not much to this one, just try to stay alive as long as possible to rack up a huge score. Accuracy and curve bonuses really add up over time.


This very simple, very addicting, and sometimes very aggrivating little flash game is one of the best I've seen in quite a while. Eskiv has a brilliant natural difficulty factor. As you collect more squares to increase your score, you also create more obstacles for yourself.


A classic board game brought back to life through the wonders of flash, Mastermind is a great game for those who enjoy a mental challenge. Click a colored tile and click one of the four available spaces to drop it in. Once you've filled the bottom row it'll give you some hints about which ones are correct. Can you break the code before you run out of rows?

Road Blocks

Your mission is to use the roadblocks and various other objects setup to guide your ball into the red goal. Much like gridlock, sometimes you'll see the level solution almost instantly and other times you'll spend 10 minutes staring at the puzzle thinking there can't be a solution.

Fly Plane

Fly Plane is a simple, but fun flying game. See how long you can navigate your plane through a course of checkpoints without missing one. It starts out easy, but the checkpoints keep coming faster and further apart.

Catch Thirty Three

A brilliantly simple game of catching 33 scrambling numbers. Move your mouse over each number as fast as you can to eliminate all 33 in order. It's not as easy as it looks.


A brilliantly simply diversion, Hamster Race (Hamure-su) is a great little time-waster. Click and hold your mouse button to turn the hamster left. Let go and he will run straight. Run into a wall and you lose.

Jukebox Hero

Jukebox Hero is basically a themed version of Plinko, which might ring a bell for those of you who've watched The Price is Right. Unfortunately in this version, you do not win a car and Bob Barker doesn't announce what's happening.

Octopus Balls

If you can't handle the Octopus Balls, get out of the kitchen. See if you can become a Takoyaki Master cooking up as many Octopus Balls as you can in 3 minutes.


Elemigrate! A border patrol escape simulator, this simple game has one rule - don't get caught. Ride your bike around avoiding the border patrol as long as possible.

Meet the Schoolgirl

Work your way through the maze by moving blocks around to get from the school to meet your school girl friend. Don't be late and you might just get a love letter.

Cell Out

Bounce your cell destroying ball around to remove all the bad cells, while avoiding as many good cells as possible. Destroy all the bad cells to advance a level. Run out of time or destroy all the good cells and it's game over.

Word Search

Word Search is a simple, nicely done version of the popular "busy work" assignment teachers hand out from time to time. It will generate a random word search with your choice of 6 sets of words. Click at the beginning of a word to start highlighting and drag to the end of that word.


A fun game based on chemistry? Impossible! Well, the chemistry knowledge needed to play is minimal. Simply click on the nucleus when your electrons are lined up to transfer the proton. Get to the center to advance a level.

Bus Rampage

Games don't get much simpler, yet this one manages to entertain for quite a while, considering the entire premise of the game is to run everybody over. Think of it as a miniature Grand Theft Auto you can play at work.

Chickenboy Chucky

Get as many Chickens (apparently all named Chucky) across the icy water by bouncing them off your iceberg. Don't let too many fall into the water or it's game over.


A nicely done flash version of Chess, complete with shallow and deep mode. Nice in case your computer is too slow for deep mode, or you want an easier computer opponent.

Drive and Dodge

Drive and Dodge is reminiscent of the 2-bit arcade driving games (if you're old enough to remember them). Weave in and out, dodging the other car(s) on the track, while collecting all the flags.


Use your ball and paddle to smash the panels. Additional layers of panels are generated after a certain amount of time passes. Smashback is set in a 3d cube with a top-down view.

Ball Trap

Use the movable hole in the wall to get all the blue balls on the blue side, and all the red balls on the red side. It sounds simple enough, and Ball trap is a simple game, but simple doesn't mean easy.


A 3d version of keep-ups, Poom offers a partially built platform that changes on every bounce. Avoid obstacles and bounce your ball onto bonus squares when possible, but keep it up at all costs.


It's basically the old snake game with a maze to navigate through. Eat all the snacks on each level to advance. Run into yourself and you lose a life. Get bonus points for speed and tail length.

Kill Time

Fun little time waster. Just keep the mouse pointer away from the little guy or anything he shoots and throws at it. Tougher than it sounds.


Q is a simple and challenging set of puzzles. Move your pieces around the board until you get each piece into it's like colored slot.

Plus Minus

An extremely well built game, Plus Minus is a german made strategy based board game. The object is to score more points than your opponent, and the game ends when the board is cleared or one player has nowhere left to move. The direction you can move is dictated by the last players move, and alternates between rows and columns each move.

Invisible Cursor

About as simple as it gets, the object of Invisible Cursor is to see how well you can track the movement of your mouse without seeing the cursor. Try to make it through the increasingly difficult levels without hitting a wall or obsticle.

Grid Logic

A simple mind puzzle, Grid Logic is all about clearing as many pieces as possible. Drag pieces with neighboring numbers on top of each other to clear the board. For example, drag 1 onto 2, or 3 onto 2, or 4 onto 5.

Mini Cubes

Simply click on cubes to destroy them. There needs to be at least 2 cubes of the same color touching each other to be able to destroy them. See if you can destroy them all before you run out of options.

Ball Bounce

Simply aim your ball with the mouse, using the up and down arrows to control your launching point. Get through each level by bouncing off the black squares and avoiding the gray squares. Hit the right hand wall to advance to the next level.


An adaptation of the basic lander game, Thrust involves not only picking up unwieldy balls and carrying them out into space, but also dodging enemies and blasting them, while keeping an eye on your fuel gages and refueling at fuel ports.

Cool Shirts

A game promoting wearing cooler clothing in the workplace to save on energy costs, the entire basis of this game is clicking the people in the white shirts, who are apparently contributing to air conditioning energy savings.

Balls N Walls

Fire balls out of your basket over the wall at your opponent. Miss a catch, you lose a platform. Lose all your platforms and you're finished. Fire balls strategically to wear down your opponents platforms until there are no more.


The classic minesweeper game remade in flash. Define your playing field size and pray you don't blow yourself up. Click squares to mark them, and double click to take your chances and step on a square. The number in each square defines how many bombs are in the surrounding 8 squares.

Chaos Theory

Simple and entertaining, the objective is to start a chain of explosions that will detonate as many particles as possible. Your explosions only last a second, so aim carefully and wait for the right moment to start the chain reaction.


A short, but fun action shooter, you get to fight 5 different bosses. Make it to the end and you get the option to fight a bonus boss, which is no easy task.

Chopper Drop

Drop bombs on the buildings from your copter, knocking them to the ground. Do this quickly enough, as every pass you take will be slightly closer to the ground. Leave a building too high and you'll eventually crash into it.

Cube Field

Simply use the arrow keys to navigate around the field of cubes. Go for as long as you can, it gets much faster and more difficult as the game progresses.

Invader 360

Fire away in this 360 degree shooter, destroying enemies as they appear. Invader 360 gets progressively tougher, with larger enemy groups and more enemies firing back at your ship.

Shooting Target

Simply blast the target as well as possible. Hit the space bar to fire, and let up to release. The longer you hold the space bar, the worse your shot gets. See how many bullseyes you can get before time runs out.

10 Second Challenge

See how far you can get the golf ball in 10 seconds. Aim for good swings, and don't hit the grass for maximum distance. It takes some practice to get 2 or 3 good shots in a row.

Cyber Box

Work your way out of each maze, moving the different blocks in the directions they're willing to go. Think ahead to avoid blocking off an exit you will need later.

Brain Drop

Use your brain to work through each puzzle, dropping the yellow ball through to the bottom without losing the grey balls in the process.

Capture The Flag

Just like the game you probably remember from your childhood, the objective is to get the other teams flag, and return it to your base without being caught. Except, in this instance you get shot with arrows. So watch out!


Connect the pipes in any fashion so they complete a circuit. This will make the pipes disappear, giving you more room for new pipes to emerge. Don't run out of space, or it's game over.

Camera Mind 2

A simple objective, just click the circle that has most recently appeared in each level. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Wait til you get 20 circles or so.

Dice Wars

It's you against the computer, on a risk like grid board. You must roll against other territories to take over their spots. For each spot you control before your turn starts you get another dice on a property. Control more area, get more dice, become more powerful. Rinse and repeat until you conquer the board.

Double Wires

Surprisingly fun and addictive, this rag doll spider man game is endless entertainment. Use your spider ropes to swing from the abstract background pieces available. See how far you can make it before you hit the skids.

Tower Defense

One of the most popular Warcraft 3 mini game spinoffs, Tower Defense pits you against an invading army following a defined path. Each level the army gets tougher, and you must upgrade your defenses to keep them from reaching your castle.


Requiring some puzzle solving skill and some steady mouse-to-hand movements, Capsules keeps it simple but challenging. Move your capsules simultaneously around the board without hitting walls, running over the good capsules and avoiding the bad ones.

Parking Zone

Who knew parking could be such a mental workout. Get all your cars parked in the appropriate matching color zones using a few moves as possible. Less moves mean more points.


Brilliantly simple, the idea here is to expand your blocks one at a time until all the blocks are connected to each other. You cannot expand the same block twice, and once a block touches another block neither can be expanded any further.


A brain teaser to the end, the objective of Dicemos is to get all your dice placed on the board. You can only place dice adjacent to other dice with the same bordering colours, and you have a limited selection to choose from, not to mention board space runs out.

Virus 2

Spread the infection by alternating colors and picking up same colored tiles. Keep your virus alive by infecting every hex in the allowed number of moves. Each level means less allowed moves, so pick your colors carefully.


Use the mouse to keep the platform balanced on the stick. The stick gets shorter as time passes and your skill level increases. Games don't get much simpler or much more addictive as this one. How strong are your mouse motor skills?

Death By Hinge

Like the pingu batting game and several of its successors, death by hinge gives you a chance to take out your aggression on a stick figure by swatting him with a giant metal hinge. Smack him good!

The Black Cat

Trap the black cat by cutting off it's exit points. For every blockade you place, the black cat gets to move one space - so think before you act!


Crazy little game, the objective to use your really long bird tongue to eat the fruits as they drop, to score points and avoid them from destroying your platform. Don't get hit by a fruit or it's game over.


See how well you can line up the center point by simply eyeballing it. Give it your best guess, and see how far off your viewpoint is from reality.


If you're old enough to remember Tangrams, Matter is a beautiful online reproduction. Look at the solid shape displayed, and organize your individual pieces accordingly to match the shape. Finish each challenge quickly and earn bonus points.

Rethinking Schools

Expand your brain and test your geographical knowledge of the Middle East. Can you place all the countries correctly in 2 minutes? This simple map game puts many of the current political and cultural happenings on television into geographical context very nicely.


Very reminiscent of old galaxy games you might play in a 2-bit arcade in 1985, the challenge of Gyrex is based in the speed. Blast away everything coming at you and grab as many power-ups as you can in this top-down tunnel vision shooter.