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Tic Tac Toe

Who hasn't heard of Tic Tac Toe. Unless you're viewing from beyond the grave, this one needs no explanation. If you are, please leave - it's creeping me out.


Tetris is a gaming legacy none so far have managed to match. The greatness of Tetris lies in it's ability to be a fun, challenging game you can play for a few minutes or a few hours, and it has a LONG shelf life. Originally developed by Alexey Pajitnov and Nintendo, Inc.

Pac Man

PacMan, ring any bells? Little yellow circle that eats dots and gets chased by ghosts? Yep, it's back in browser form. One of the great games of the 80's. This game was originally developed by Namco.


Another great snake clone, this one rather old timey looking, but still plays great and looks sharp. Another nice release!

Space Invaders

Space invaders is one of THE classic arcade games of the 80's, and no classic gaming section would be complete without it. Originally pioneered by Taito Corp., this game has plenty of clones and remakes.


A well done remake of the classic Scorched Earth, Tanks delivers pretty much what it promises. A few of the old weapons are missing, and terrain generation isn't always very logical, but other than that it's a pretty good replica that plays beautifully.


A virtually perfect clone of the original Atari version of Frogger. This one requires no explanation, but for those of you who didn't grow up in the 80's, here it is. Get your frog across the road and into the holes. Don't get run over, fall in the water, or get eaten by an alligator.

Moon Patrol

Reminiscent of the classic Atari game, Moon Patrol brings you into a land rover. Your mission is to jump over holes and shoot radioactive barrels, while avoiding bombs dropped by alien ships. While this version is missing a few things the original had, it's still a very nice remake.


It's basically the old snake game with a maze to navigate through. Eat all the snacks on each level to advance. Run into yourself and you lose a life. Get bonus points for speed and tail length.


A remake of the very popular classic game on the Amiga, your mission is to pilot this robotic frog to the top of each tower so it can be razed. After each tower is razed you'll get a bonus round where you gain points catching fish. Crazy, huh?


The classic minesweeper game remade in flash. Define your playing field size and pray you don't blow yourself up. Click squares to mark them, and double click to take your chances and step on a square. The number in each square defines how many bombs are in the surrounding 8 squares.

Neo Geo Bowling

A flash remake of the classic Neo Geo Bowling game by SNK, this will bring back some memories for some. Align your totally awesome bowler, and set your power and angle to bowl. Although there's not much to this game, the characters are fantastic.

Chopper Drop

Drop bombs on the buildings from your copter, knocking them to the ground. Do this quickly enough, as every pass you take will be slightly closer to the ground. Leave a building too high and you'll eventually crash into it.

Bullet Bill

A tribute to the unspoken anti-hero of Mario Bros, Bullet Bill delivers what it promises. Take on the role of a Bullet Bill, and blast through each level without running into anything tougher than you are!


A tribute to the old school DOS game Dope Wars, Dealer brings it to the web in this flash game. Buy low, sell high, motivating your product across the city. Don't get caught by the cops, and save some money for a bigger car when they come along.

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors gets a strange twist, with 25 weapons at your disposal, instead of the traditional 3. What beats Nuclear Bomb, why Cockroach of course! Keep a tally of your score and see if you can beat the odds.

Donkey Kong

A classic for the ages, everybody knows Donkey Kong. Play the infamous plumber, and save the princess by jumping barrels, climbing ladders, and outrunning odd fireball creatures.