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A very well done remake of Solitaire. Play red on black, black on red, and see if you can get all 52 lined up by suit, Aces to Kings.

Flash Poker

A very nicely done version of video poker, Flash Poker is simple to play, with some cool animation to add some flavor to the game. When you win, you can choose to take your winnings, or press your luck and try to double up by guessing the color or suit of the next card in the deck.

Cyber Slots

A nicely made realistic version of casino slots, though the odds are definently stacked towards winning. For people who enjoy playing slots, this is a nice way to do so without spending any money.


If you know what Roulette is, you should know what to expect. Bet on some numbers, roll the ball, and hope for the best. It's a well built, realistic odds flash version of the casino table game.


A straightforward, well made flash version of Blackjack. Bet up to 200 per hand, and try to get cards adding up to 21. Aces can be 1 or 11, insurance is a hedge bet against the dealer getting 21, and generally not recommended. Then again, it's not real so who cares, right?

Hit or Stand

Unlike other blackjack games, hit or stand actually teaches you how to play the card game properly. That is, how to play the odds. It not only keeps track of your money earned and lost, but it keeps a running score of the statistically correct moves you've made.

Stop the Bus

A fun little card game, Stop the Bus involves trying to get 31 points with three cards of the same suit. Aces count for 11 points. If you get close to 31, stop the bus!

Card Toss

Everybody likes parlor tricks, right? Practice tossing cards into a top hat from different distances, and you'll be a hit at your next poker game. How many can you get in a row?

Waikiki Solitaire

Time passes slowly and serenely at the picturesque islands of Hawaii. While enjoying the beauty of the natural tropical landscape and the ocean, try to complete all the increasingly challenging levels of Waikiki Solitaire.