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Bubble Trouble

Your mission is simple: fire grappling hooks into the ceiling until you've popped every bubble on the screen. Do this before time runs out and you advance to the next stage. A great throwback to the classic Buster Bros. game.


Life is tough, especially when you're a bubble. This little gem of a game is simplicity at it's best. Score as many points as you can before you die, and watch out for the mines! Grab super bubbles for various game changes and bonus points.

Miniclip Snake

A very well done knockoff of the original snake game from back in the day. Eat pellets, don't run into anything, and see if you've got the patience and coordination to get through all 3 levels.

Ninja Air Combat

Your basic action arcade game, fly around as a ninja throwing stars and fireballs at people and killing every other ninja, along with giant girls who shoot fireballs and a tsunami dragon. All in a days work for your standard issue ninja.


Swim around and eat fish bigger than you are, avoiding fish bigger than you. This is the life of a fish. It's a dog eat dog world.. except in water, and there aren't any dogs. Also, check out the improved Fishy at xGen!


AirWolf is a simple flying arena shooter where you pit yourself against another jet and shoot it out. Winner moves on, loser moves on to the next life. How many opponents can you beat?

Animal Hunter

Feel like a taking a hike in your robin hood costume and hunting some rabbits? How about eagles? No, perhaps an ostrich is more to your liking. This simple, unique hunting game offers a fun time challenge, with some fun bonus items. Keep shooting animals to keep your timeclock alive!

Fly Plane

Fly Plane is a simple, but fun flying game. See how long you can navigate your plane through a course of checkpoints without missing one. It starts out easy, but the checkpoints keep coming faster and further apart.


A fairly basic 2d arcade scroller, Pol features a fat naked guy running away from some scientists. Eat the bonus food and drink for extra health while avoiding things that hurt, like land mines and ... balloons.

Fly Girrl

Hop around the club getting as many free drinks as you can, but don't get too close or you might get more than you bargained for. Fly Girrl is simple, but man is it addicting. Can you break level 15?


A fun game with a single objective: Blaze a trail through as many different grids as possible, avoiding holes and grabbing bonus lives as you go. The left mouse button jumps, and moves you left and right.


Elemigrate! A border patrol escape simulator, this simple game has one rule - don't get caught. Ride your bike around avoiding the border patrol as long as possible.

River Raid

Fly down the river, shooting everything in sight. Just be sure not to get hit! River Raid is a cleaned up and well done flash port of the 80's Atari game River Raid. For those of you old enough to remember Atari, you'll find it plays very much like the original - Great!

Rigelian Hotshots

Navigate your fireball through increasingly difficult caves, while hitting as many Thrillsuckers as possible. Avoid cave walls and other obstacles to stay alive as long as possible to become a true Rigelian hotshot.

Plastic Balls

Just imagine a circular pinball machine with a gravity center, and you've get the game Plastic Balls. Knock out all the bumbers on each level to advance, and keep your ball out of the gravity pit. Grab some bonuses along the way too!

Twiddle Stix

Twiddle Stix is rather unique, very simple, and yet very fun. You're a stick trying to navigate your way long water paths from one drain to the next, while spinning slowing with the current. Hit too many walls and it's game over. Sounds easy, right?

Jump N Rhyme

Dabrutack Jump N Rhyme is fairly straight forward, though the timing to finish both levels is fairly difficult. The arrow keys jump, duck, and move you forward or back, while the space bar throws microphone's if you have enough flow, gathered by collecting bling bling.


This is a condom emulation game. It shows you what your life might be like as a condom, trying to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Well, not really, but it's still fun. Bounce the sperm away, and type contraception quickly when one gets through.

Chickenboy Chucky

Get as many Chickens (apparently all named Chucky) across the icy water by bouncing them off your iceberg. Don't let too many fall into the water or it's game over.

Slack Man

Practice avoiding those brown nosing co-workers, while eating as many donuts as possible. Apparently the ratio of donuts eaten is proportional to time slacked off. Drink some coffee while you're at it.

Black Knight

Be all the Black Knight you can be, by smashing and pillaging for your king. The more you loot, the longer you get to keep your title. Buy power-ups and better weapons between levels to increase your haul. Don't smack the witch, she hits back.


Snowy is very reminiscent of Bubble Bobble. It's simple, fun, creative, and non-violent. Run around throwing snowballs at the monster until they're entirely covered. Push the snowballs to catch other monsters. Clear the screen to advance.

Beer Dude 2

Beer Dude 2 is a simple Mario like game, where the objective is simply to collect all the beer while avoiding the bad guys (working stiffs, police, etc). There's a bonus barrel to collect in each level if you have enough time to snag it.

Clash N Slash

Defend your world against the onslaught of alien invaders. Though it starts out a bit slow, Clash N Slash picks up the pace quickly enough. By level 3 all but the best will be on borrowed time.

Turbo Spirit

Turbo Spirit is much like the popular 80's arcade racing game Pole Position, for those of you old enough to remember. The main difference is you're on a motorcycle, but it's still got that old feel to it. It's a very well done recreation.


Use your ball and paddle to smash the panels. Additional layers of panels are generated after a certain amount of time passes. Smashback is set in a 3d cube with a top-down view.

Raiden IIS

Raiden IIS is an Atari game, given new life on the web in Flash. It's a fun shooter, though the game can get ridiculously tough at certain points. Shoot anything that moves, grab all the powerups you can, and try to stay alive. Don't forget to use your bombs.

Break It

Break It is a basic Arkanoid game. It's well built and has quite a few fun power-ups and such, as well as a unique swiveling paddle. Break all the bricks in a level to advance, and grab the bonus points as they fall.

Raiden IIS B

The second half of the Raiden IIS Atari remake, this part delivers more of the same, with a few exceptions. You get some different weapons, and obviously some different and tougher bosses.

Rocket Biker

A game built around Nintendo's classic Excitebike, Rocket Biker features items, bike upgrades, and much cleaner, easier gameplay. Race your bike against a bunch of different opponents, and collect as many points as possible while avoiding the obstacles.

Kung Fu

A funny adaptation of the classic Kung Fu game, this one has cameo appearances from heroes like Mega Man. Though the game is ridiculously tough, it plays well. Punch, kick, and karate decapitate your way through throngs of opponents until you get to the boss of each level.

ROTF Attack

A play on the annoying acronyms that plague chatrooms and internet bulletin boards, ROFL Attack is a helicoper side scroller game with everything drawn in ascii. Drop WTF bombs, kill LOL Skaters, and blast LMAO planes.

Midnight Strike

The objective in Midnight Strike is to get to the end of each level, fighting your way through waves of cyborgs. Grab the gun powerups as you go, and try not to get hit too much.

Dynasty Street

A very cool stick man fighting game with 10 weapons, easy controls, and lots of fun enemies wielding various weapons. Choose from tournament, survival, or adventure mode and start stick fighting!

The Cobblepot Caper

Play as Batman, attempting to stop the Penguin and his henchmen from robbing Gotham Bank. Punch, Kick, and Batterang you way through waves of henchmen to get to the bottom of the bank and find out what's really going on.

Heli Attack 2

Heli Attack 2 is truly a masterpiece of flash. The objective is to simply take out as many helicopters as you can, while gathering weapons and avoiding the gunship's line of fire. Use your hyperjump and time distortion abilities to help you survive longer!


A fun, simple little arcade jump, run, and slash game, Xevoz features creatures from the popular Hasbro line of toys. Slash and slice your way through mobs of enemies, and find the teleporter to the final boss level.

Raiden X

A third Atari Raiden port, this one is more complete and has easier controls, as well as a more smooth, reasonable pace to the game. Raiden X is complete with a save game feature, as well as a few other bells and whistles, while still a basic forward scrolling shooter staying true to the original.

Breakfast Brawl

An eclectic remake of Mike Tyson's Punch Out for the Nintendo, Breakfast Brawl plays virtually identically but with well built, breakfast themed characters. Knock out the bad breakfast choices, and beat the bagel to become a breakfast champion.

Alpha Force

You're the pilot of a small craft defeating an entire army. Sound familiar? Yep, a flying side scroller, Alpha Force is actually quite fun though the bosses are very difficult to beat without both your smart bombs. Pick up powerups and dodge the bullets.

Overrun 2

Defend your turret position, blasting away the oncoming hordes by any means available. Use shockwaves and regular firepower to hold your position, while earning upgrades whereever possible to keep up with the growing threat.

Mars Patrol

A grid based game, drive your mars lander around various terrains blasting enemies with your four-directional turret. Pick up munitions, as well as special bonus weaponry as well in the later levels.

Head Games

Help Carl find his head in 12 fun-filled levels. You star as meatwad, the incredibly flexible piece of living meat. Protect Carl and aid him in getting by obstacles by using various forms at the right time.

War Rangers

An entertaining game with syntax written in Japanese, the characters look much like the smash hit 90's Power Rangers show characters. Fight through as many levels as possible or fight a single level choosing your boss.


Fly around collecting powerups and shooting intergalactic knick-knacks. Either shoot or avoid the incoming bad guys, while collecting armor, health, and screen-clearing nukes.

Polar Rescue

Enjoy a life as Rambo the Penguin, fighting the elements and other oddities of the northern regions. Throw snowballs at enemies and dodge falling/sliding/moving stabby things.


It's only got one level, but Eggsterminator is still an entertaining diversion. Fight your way through some obstacles and pick up the eggonator to really turn up the heat. See if you can beat the egg launching chicken.

Exofusion 2

A fun arcade shooter, the objective is simply to kill as many ships as possible while avoiding collisions and enemy fire. The more ships you blast, the more cash you get. Spend your cash on ship upgrades to keep your head above water as the enemies get tougher.

Battle Pong

The classic pong rebuilt into a more exciting and intense showdown. Fight against the computer, banking shots off the walls to pick up bonus attacks and game changers. Knock out the computers life meter before your own to win.

Dynasty Warrior

Very reminiscent of Golden Axe and Double Dragon, you fight through groups of enemies towards an end stage boss. Get through as many stages as you can, collecting magic along the way for those situations where you need an extra boost.

Thing Thing

Fight through screen after screen as a human-like set of blobs. Punch, shoot, and annihilate your way through enemies to break out of the mental hospital. Grab health boosters as you go to keep yourself in tip top mentally ill shape.

Star Fly

Simple shooters are generally the most entertaining, and this one is no exception. Fly your spaceship around shooting the bad guys, collecting powerups, and blasting the bosses.


An adaptation of the basic lander game, Thrust involves not only picking up unwieldy balls and carrying them out into space, but also dodging enemies and blasting them, while keeping an eye on your fuel gages and refueling at fuel ports.

Dad and Me

A fun 2d scroller, the main focus is on the action where it should be. Beat down the kids with an array of combinations, or just use good old fashioned face punching, butt kicking, and titty twisting. Avoid the nasty cars and other dangers of the playground.

Spike Boy

Fight your way through various levels, Super Mario style. Rescue the kids, while collecting various bonuses and blasting enemies (and bosses) with your deadly yo-yo. Watch out for those pitfalls!

Zombie Survival

Blast your way through level after level of zombie infested terrain. Purchase stronger guns and grenades to keep the increasingly tough and numerous zombie hordes at bay.

Mystery of Batwoman

Leap over rooftops, battling the penguins goons. Fight your way to the penguin himself, and defeat him to discover the mystery of batwoman. Watch out for crumbling rooftops and armed gangsters.

Super Fighter

Like a simple version of Street Fighter, just fight your way through as many opponents as you can manage. Utilize your super moves when available, and see if you can beat the end-boss. That is, if you can make it that far.

Stickman Sam 2

Blast your way through several levels, blasting zombies, acid spitting spiders, blood sucking bats and more. Enter doors to pickup extra weapons and health, and find (and beat) the boss in each level to advance to the next stage.

Bill The Demon

Run around screaming things into submission and eating souls, in order to graduate from wimpy demon to scary overlord demon. Watch out for blobs, flying eyeballs, and of course spikey death strips. This is hell after all, watch your step.

Zorro Tank

Blast your way through several levels, punching through a variety of enemies with an increasingly strong cannon blast. If you can make it to the last level, you get to fight the end game spaceship boss.


A short, but fun action shooter, you get to fight 5 different bosses. Make it to the end and you get the option to fight a bonus boss, which is no easy task.

Doom Runner

An interesting variation of Asteroids, Doom Runner pits you against an ever increasingly tough fleet of ships that fire various weapons. You have an arsenal of missles, blasters, and energy waves to protect yourself. See how long you can last!

Ninja Rinseout

A fantastic little game, your mission is to move silently and invisibly through the various areas, killing your way through the guards to save the emperor's daughter.

Metal Slug

A great rebuild of the classic Neo Geo game, Metal Slug is reborn for the internet. Shoot, grenade, and generally kill your way through each level, getting weapon upgrades as you go.

Invader 360

Fire away in this 360 degree shooter, destroying enemies as they appear. Invader 360 gets progressively tougher, with larger enemy groups and more enemies firing back at your ship.


A rebuild of the NES version of Contra, your job is to power your way through the evil legions and save the world. Stop the aliens, kill everything, and be the hero.

Divine Intervention

You're the last hope, a priest on a mission to save the town from the rampaging zombie hordes. Blast through the minions with several guns, fighting your way to the devil himself. Be careful not to waste the few survivors.

Heavy Metal Girl

Use your insane guitar shredding skills to knock out everybody who gets in your way. Like a simplified Bubble Bobble game with a hard rock theme, the mission is simple: Kill everything on each level, and don't get hurt along the way.

Stag Knight

Kill as many boy scouts as you can before they overwhelm you, grabbing health, better weapons, and bonus points along the way. Watch out for the darth vader troop leaders, they really pack a punch!

Stickman Sam 3

Explore your way through another adventure with Stickman Sam, shooting down enemies, saving humanity, and all that good stuff. Check all the doors for weapon upgrades and extra health.

Deep Creatures

Classic 2d scrolling action, blast your way through all the caves to complete the game. Fire to destroy the walls and use your melee weapons to defeat the cave dwellers.

Fancy Pants

A well drawn world with superb controls and lots of creative challenge, this Sonic meets Mario meets Artistic Stickmen collaberation yields an entertaining and entirely unique land to explore. The only thing you'll be left with is a desire for more worlds.

Hoover Fusion

Suck your way to victory in this promo for Hoover vacuum cleaners. A pacman like game, the objective is to clear all the dust bits from the room. Avoid running into the dustballs unless you've got the powerup running, in which case you can kill them.

Break In

Five action packed levels of sneaking through buildings, your job is stealth. Make it through each level without being seen, using whatever is available to distract the guards.

Aggressive Attack

Control a team of nerf gun shooting vampire hunters in this halloween themed rampage. Walk cautiously and don't get in too deep, or you could lose your whole team to stabby teeth.

Boxhead Rooms

Blast your way through ever increasing hordes of zombies in this lego look-alike contest. Increase your kill count to unlock new weapons and avoid blowing yourself up with your own barrels and grenades.

Boxhead More Rooms

The sequel to Boxhead Rooms, this game features an array of new weapon upgrades, several new levels, and devil bosses. Kill all the boxhead zombies to progress to the next level. Pump up your kill meter to gain access to new weapons.

Qwerty Warriors

How good a typist are you? 30 words per minute, 40? Test your typing prowess in this entertaining shooter. Type the names of your enemies as they appear to blast them. Watch those spellings!


You have a turret, don't let it die. Fire pellets to deflect the oncoming debris, and conserve your ammo enough that you don't run out at a bad time. Collect powerups and additional turrets to make your life easier.

The Last Stand

Night by night, defend your scrap of land against the growing zombie horde. Search by day for new weapons and survivors to help you stave off the nightly attacks. Keep your barricade from breaking or you'll be overrun and eaten alive.


Soothing music and mindless gameplay, you could play this one asleep - or fall asleep playing. Orange has one objective, and that is to get the center circle to one of the outer edges of the screen. Get hit too much by the defenders, and you're finished.

Crazy Bricks

Fashioned after Ricochet, the successful and excellent arkanoid remake for the PC, Crazy Bricks brings that style to flash. Blast away all the bricks of each level to advance, collecting powerups for your ball and your paddle as you go.

You Have To Burn The Rope

The object of the game is fairly simple, like the game itself. Get to the rope, and get the fire.

Indestructo Tank AE

A slightly modified version of the original, this game still delivers addictive play in a simple form. Drive your tank around and get hit by the bombs, launching yourself in the air and destroying as many planes as you can manage without hitting the ground.

Crate Escape

Somewhat ironic, as it doesn't appear you can actually escape, the objective is to push crates off your landing platform while you avoid being crushed. As you push more crates off, the pace picks up until you apparently escape via death.


Crazy little game, the objective to use your really long bird tongue to eat the fruits as they drop, to score points and avoid them from destroying your platform. Don't get hit by a fruit or it's game over.

Epic War

Click til you have carpal tunnel, the enemies just keep coming! It's your tower of super friends against the enemy tower of enemy meanies, shoot the minions and launch counterattacks until you are able to overwhelm your enemy and destroy his tower.


Stay above the lava jumping from block to block, as they drop in. Avoid getting crushed by incoming blocks and trapped underneath an avalanche of multicolored squares.

Too Many Ninjas

Retro and addictive, simply aim your sword with arrow keys to deflect the incoming throwing stars and other ninja attacks.

Metal Slug 2

Make your way through level after left of side scrolling terror in this remake of the classic Metal Slug series. Blast, grenade, and stab your way through the jungle to victory!

Agnry Faic 2

Propel yourself skywards as you stomp the smileys to gain altitude. Change your color to match the smiley you plan to stomp. Pick up power-ups along the way.

Endless War 3

A top down warfare game, this is not one to miss. Pick from a couple dozen different guns and grenades, and 6 different campaigns. Altogether, a bunch of levels, a bunch of guns, a bunch of fun!

Grey Matter

Remember the game Asteroids? Grey Matter is like a reverse Asteroids, on steroids. Run into the creatures to destroy them. It's not that easy, they'll be shooting at you. Buy upgrades in between levels, and make combo kills for bonus points.


Attack of the polygons, fire away blasting all the triangles, circles, squares, and everything in between. They all come at you differently, and things get hectic fast. Get to the power-ups when you can.

Congestion Chaos

Drive around town, making your deliveries. Avoid drawing attention to yourself by sneaking around the cameras and avoiding collisions. The faster you make your deliveries, the more money you earn.

Loopy Locusts

Ok, so you're a locust. Could be worse, right? Actually it is worse. All you've got to eat is each other, so eat the other locusts before they eat you. Eat one, two more appear. As you might imagine, this game escalates quickly.

Island Survival

Collecting snowflakes on your tongue was never such a life and death proposal. Survive the Island if you can, and don't forget in pixel world sometimes snowflakes melt the island.


Should you be lucky enough to have experienced Doom in it's glory days, count yourself lucky. It was a groundbreaking game for the time, and it still holds a particular nostalgia. So break out the BFG and start cleaning house!

Necro Run

Jump and stab your way to victory in tough side scrolling action. You are death and your mission is clear: Kill everything. Kill peasants, kill knights, kill trees. Hell, even kill the boulders!

The Breach

The unlucky guy who gets to investigate a wayward spaceship with no signs of life, this pulse pounding game delivers action. Blast your way through levels of mutated humans and more, leveling up and finding better gear along the way.

Snake Jump

Some of the best games out there are so simple, and this one illustrates that so elegantly. Jump your snake towards the right to increase your score. As you progress, you get fewer and fewer platforms. Miss a platform, it's game over!


An avoidance game with a nice difficulty curve and useful skill tree progression, the objective is to simply stay alive. Dodge lasers, missiles, robot armies and ballistic warheads, among other creepy crawlies. If you survive long enough, you can earn enough points to buy helpful skills.


Very reminiscent of old galaxy games you might play in a 2-bit arcade in 1985, the challenge of Gyrex is based in the speed. Blast away everything coming at you and grab as many power-ups as you can in this top-down tunnel vision shooter.

Going Up

Going Up is a short and sweet flash game about just that, getting as far up as you can before you make a mistake and start over. As you collect skulls, you can use them to purchase upgrades to your character which make it slightly easier to advance.


Relax to a wonderful soundtrack as you, the cowboy in the city, drive around on a giant sperm and squish people and take down all manner of the military. For whatever reason, they don't take kindly to a cowboy riding a giant flying sperm monster. Watch that tail!

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted is a squared out, retro-looking arcade game guaranteed to break a few keyboards. Simple, yet frustrating, the premise is to get from the starting door to the finish, occasionally stepping on a button in the process. Avoid spikes, falling objects, and the inevitable rage.


Closure is a quest in the dark. Your only source of light on each level comes from tiny bulbs you can transport around. Any part of the map not lit up, doesn't exist. There's a wall in the way? Remove the light and you remove the wall. This leads to some interesting game play.

Dire Haven

Jump, sprint, and run, not necessarily in that order. Fast paced and well constructed levels, Dire Haven is a pixel game with cute, albeit clothes-lacking characters. Avoid spikes and mashers while getting to the coin in each level to progress.

Hunt or Die

Simple and retro, Hunt or Die is a fast paced, no-frills trip into the world of the hunter gatherer. Run around with a bow and arrow killing rabbits, eating berries, riding ostriches, and trying not to get eaten by cougars. Run, hunt, and ride.

Kingdom in the Clouds

Kingdom in the Clouds hinges on protecting your baby sister from the evil clouds closing in from both sides. Use your kingly elemental powers to blast away the clouds and other baddies, and keep your little sis safe.

Kingdom Rush

Stop the rush of beasts intent on conquering your kingdom. Standard tower defense, with intuitive controls and many well built progressive stages throughout the map, Kingdom Rush is an entertaining game worth a look.

Never Lose Rope

Swing your way to victory, through several industrial, grungy looking factories. Take advantage of moving cogs and stationary hooks to swing from one safe platform to the next, dialing in or letting out more rope as needed to avoid spikes and other obstacles.

Run Ninja Run

A typical run and jump game, Run Ninja Run is rather straightforward. Jump and slide to avoid various walls and barriers, and occasionally kick a ninja in the face to get through each level. Better get going!

Thimblebumps Quest

Thimblebump is a fun little fellow who one simple goal in mind: reach Neptune! It seems like an easy enough task (especially using only two buttons) but on his journey he will encounter a myriad of obstacles designed to stop him.


Guide your Ameba to food while avoiding the bouncing bad guys. Grab power-ups as they become available for special skills to help you stay alive and reduce the bad guys effectiveness.

Tiny Airships

With retro green pixelized graphics and smooth controls, this side-scroller offers plenty of action. Fight your way through hordes of airships and baddies to get to the end of each stage. Look for temporary floating power-ups along the way.