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Trapped 4

Not much in the way of graphics, but the gameplay is great. You're a triangle trapped in a world of squares, turrets, and funny looking things that chase you around. Find the keys that unlock the path to freedom!

The Classroom 2

Cheat your way through school as far as you can without getting caught in The Classroom 2. Can you make it through all 56 scenes to the Final Exam?


A really weird twist on the classic Pac-Man, Pac blows a tire while driving to a gaming convention and has to find a replacement in a jungle. Take the adventure, collect the parts, fight Michael Jackson, and rock out with a new tire - if you can.

Micro Life

Microlife is a fun little sims style game, but much simpler and not so micro-management oriented. Run your own little bacteria farm, and help your good bacteria grow into adults. Build fighter micro's to fend off the evil attackers.

Red Devil 2

Red Devil 2 is a very strange and interesting adventure game with an RPG feel. It holds a main quest to collect all the crystals, gems, and keys, and several entertaining side quests, puzzles, and miniboss challenges. Red Devil 2 takes -quite- a while to finish.

The Classroom 3

Another great release in The Classroom series, this one offers all new stages, and all new challenges. Cheat your way through each test, and avoid being caught by the teachers to advance. If your teachers sight goes into the red, you're dead!