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Web Game Producers

So who creates all these crazy web games, and what are they made of? Well, they're made mostly of caffiene induced day terrors and a severe lack of leg exercize. You can find most of the better flash producing teams listed below, however this is by no means a comprehensive directory of web game developers. Since alot of these are solo designers, the websites often change or disappear. Search the bold text in your favorite search engine and you'll find the online homes for these flash game authors. Since I wrote this miniature directory, the flash game industry has really blown up. Drop me a line if you know of another good author of web games to add to this list.

  • Mohsye produces some of the internet's most well known games, including Boom Boom Beach Volleyball and Cat-a-pult. Recently they've built a really amazing 3d floating castle putt putt golf sim. Definently worth checking out on your bosses time.
  • xGen Studios has produced some of the best flash games on the web to date. Fishy, Stick RPG, and Defend Your Castle are all web classics, and with the release of an updated version of fishy, and the promising Motherload release, they don't look to be slowing down anytime soon.
  • Plastelina produces logic based puzzles in flash form. Many of the classics can be seen here, such as Missionaries and Cannibals. Some of the games are free, while other require a signup.
  • Miniclip is a large scale flash game production and distribution site, housing several of the web's classic's brought back to life, like the Buster Bros. remake Bubble Trouble.
  • Home Star Runner isn't exactly a flash game production website, but they have produced quite a few little games. The main draw to the site is the Strong Bad Emails, and all the other fabulous cartoons. The Brothers Chap are creative geniuses, and it shows.
  • Ferry Halim, aka Orisinal, has built an arsenal of unique little flash games with a brilliant design, and theme of soft graphics. You could spend days on this site.
  • PopCap is most famous for Bejeweled, which won several awards after its release. Since then they've produced some excellent games, like Rocket Mania and Bookworm. They seem to excel most with their puzzle creations.
  • Circus X has created some mildly entertaining games, and has a quaint little slot machine game you can beat up. The graphics out do the game play.
  • Media Division is a Romanian outfit producing all sorts of new media. They've written, among other games, a really nice flash version of Chess, both in 2d and 3d, and with a couple different levels of computer AI.
  • One Two Free, a game production team based in the Netherlands has created several rather low quality games, but they're most famous for the brilliant multiplayer-only game called Dibble Godz.
  • Toshimitsu Takagi is most well known for the hugely popular flash game Crimson Room, which inspired a whole genre of escape the room games. Toshimitsu has also made quite a few other games and movies. Some of them contain a bit of cartoon nutidy, and some are just plain weird, but they do entertain. The Runnin' Nude game is rather good.
  • Makai Media has produced some fairly addictive flash games, like Spear Toss and Knife Throwing. The games really are high quality. Unfortunately the site is riddled with ugly ads, pages often take a long time to load, and some of the games require you to signup to play them multiplayer, which is a pain in the butt and in my experience doesn't work after you sign up anyways.
  • Mouse Breaker houses a bunch of flash games, though most are somewhat uninspired and the control/game play is less than stellar. They do however, have a couple good billiards games, including a Christmas version of pool that aims with Santa's butt. Worth having a look at any rate.
  • Sam Bellman has written a couple relatively famous flash games, including Dinky Bomb, a Worms clone. Unfortunately, the good ones it seems are hosted on sites that require you to go through the hassle of signing up before you can play.
  • Weebls Stuff has a few strange flash games, including one rather innovative inverse shooter type game where you have to coordinate the defense against an incoming attacker. Weebls is far more well known for the flash movie loops, however. Among those to take the internet by storm, the Badgers loop was easily the most famous. There are quite a few good ones. Have you seen the Breadfish?
  • Clever Media has a few decent diversions, and a bunch more mediocre games. Nothing groundbreaking or 'must see' by any means, and the popups get annoying real quick.
  • Brian Mung writes some comical, goofy games such as Nun Lander. Nothing too serious or difficult, just some games to keep you from getting bored at work.
  • Rubilon is the home of Arseniy, a russian flash producer with some creative games like Babycal Throw, and some bizarre short movies.
  • Lightforce is a collection of free mini flash games written by a greek named Nick Kouvaris and his wife as a hobby. Most are remakes of tricky puzzles and board games. There are even a few single level action games. Lots of fun, if you have the patience for tough puzzles.
  • Square Circle Co has built a few really amazing web games, including the extremely popular Heli Attack series.
  • Glaiel Games has quite a collection, including some neat physics based flash games, and a fun magnetic puzzle game with 100 levels you can scratch your head over. Not much for graphics, but good, solid game design.
  • Tea Games brings lots of fun and challenging games with great replay value, including the very popular BMX Backflips, which has since spawned a load of similar offshoot games with even more crazy courses. All the flash on Tea Games is well built and complete.
  • Absolutist has lots of classics rebuilt for the web and short, lightweight games to play in your spare time. They also offer the option to try out and purchase some fun downloadable games.
  • Tcartoon is the online home of Torleif West, who has created quite a collection of offbeat flash games with unique characters and challenges. He's also does some cartoon shorts and a couple rather large flash games, like Red Devil 2. He had several websites for a while, but they were always touch and go. Lots of media to waste away your life playing.