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World Domination has been Reincarnated!

by harley on March 26, 2011

Yes, a short two years after entirely rewriting the user system and uninstalling world domination, it has returned. Reincarnated, bigger and better. I hope it's better. I guarantee it's bigger!

As it turns out, life has a funny way of having it's way, when it comes to plans and priorities. I had planned World Domination to be down for a week, possibly two - not two years. To anyone who was involved with the first World Domination game (I know there were several hundred), please accept my apologies.

Also, to anyone interested who played version 1, be aware that while your scores were wiped out, there is good news. I am installing an awards system for user profiles. Users who played a significant amount of World Domination (v1) have been recorded for various awards, based on the final rankings of that game. Once I get the awards system situated, those will show up on your profile.

I promise it won't take any longer than 2 years.


Activation problems

by harley on March 11, 2011

It appears gMail, AOL, and possibly other email services are rejecting or delaying emails sent to users, probably due to surpassing the allowed number of mailings in a given period of time.

If you signed up for an account recently using gMail and did not receive an activation email, it is because your mail provider is automatically bouncing the emails back and/or delaying delivery.

I'm looking into solutions at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.


What are we going to do tonight Brain?

by harley on March 4, 2011

The same thing we do every night, Pinky.. try to take over the world.

Well, the old (and not nearly so awesome as Animaniacs) game, World Domination, is making a come back. It may have even have some shiny new choices to increase the strategy beyond 'click enough to keep more than zero people in your country'... alliances perhaps. Recommendations welcome.

Karma is working again, generated for registered users by playing games and posting wonderful things, lost for posting nasty things and unplaying games. I'm not sure that last part is possible, but with today's fancy computers who knows! Karma may leak into other areas of the site in the near future.

Favorites will once again be in the user profiles very soon, so you can keep your favorite games in one easy list.


Fixes and Updates

by harley on February 28, 2011

I fixed several issues in the code that were bugging due to software updates. All the games links have been updated and should be working again. Let me know if anything seems amiss.

Expect new games to be posted regularly again, like it was in years past.


Fourth time's a charm, right?

by harley on February 8, 2009

In August of 2004, after nearly 9 months working everyday on a browser game, I decided I needed to take a break. Games that don't suck was born. This is the third major overhaul of the code, and the fifth design.

Wanna take a trip back in time? This was the original layout, a throwback to the retro free standing arcade games of the 70's and 80's you might find in 2-bit arcade parlors. It didn't take but several months and the site outgrew the design a bit. Early in 2005 came the first redesign, a muddled gray which did a good job of drawing attention towards the games. That's about all it did. I grew tired of it, and I could tell not too many other people were really digging it either. Mostly I could tell because I kept getting emails telling me the design stunk. I agreed.

As with many things, best said by The Simpsons, "Move it bub, we got an installation to installate". This was, and might still be, my favorite of the designs from a visual perspective. It was also the most graphic heavy, which is to say it had a header and a tiny background image. I found a guy who did a neat header for me with a little fella reminiscent of Spock from Star Trek, so that spiced things up a bit. Still, graphic heavy as had been. I've never been a fan of graphic heavy designs, too much fluff and hell on dial-up users. Yup, alot of people still used dial-up, and still do believe it or not. That layout also wasted a good deal the page, no matter how I moved things around. With neat new games coming out almost daily now, space was quickly becoming a premium.

Midway through 2006 I finished recoding the entire site, cleaning up alot of hacked together and sloppy code, and meanwhile swapped out to yet another design, fourth in the series.

Since then, it's looked very much the same, however a user system was implemented in 2007 along with some forums, adding some competition and a way for the community to talk to each other. I also wrote a very simple, and very incomplete game I dubbed "World Domination", after seeing a forum game in which players would vote countries in and out by simply giving out or taking away points. It didn't catch alot of fire, seeing as it was very incomplete and there was little skill involved. Still it gained a minor following. When more time allows, I fully plan to develop it out into a more complete game. I think I said that in 2007 when I came out with it too. Hah.

That brings us up to the present. Major overhaul to the website - a new design, and a fully rewritten user system. The biggest new feature being an integrated comment and bulletin board system. Many more neat things soon to follow.

Stay tuned!