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Advertising on Games That Don't Suck

Free online games are what we do

Reliable web hosting costs money, and so over the course of's 10 year lifespan this hobby has had to pay for itself somehow. We've found the best method to do this is offer simple, non-intrusive advertising to offset the costs of web hosting.

We do games, we always have. Games That Don't Suck caters exclusively to the online gaming community, specifically free online flash games. For that reason, we only accept advertisements that will be of genuine interest to the broader gaming community. Advertising is a necessary evil to keeping this project afloat, as reliable hosting and bandwidth costs can add up to considerable amounts.

Direct text link advertising offers flat rate, direct text link advertising for a specific block of time. This option provides the best value for advertisers, while integrating seamlessly into content, and generating traffic without being an annoyance to users.

What kind of traffic to expect receives 100% natural traffic from search engines, social bookmarking and networking sites, and numerous websites linking to us from around the globe. is well known and well established in the search engines. We have statistical data accumulated from 8 years of server logs, 3rd party statistics, and custom tracking scripts dating back to 2004. This allows us an excellent overview of exactly what advertisers can expect.

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